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About Us

Humble Beginnings


Back in 2006, this group of stray dogs banded together, as life in the alley proved too tough to go it alone. To pass time while ducking the dog catcher, they started playing music and howling at the moon. Life in the gutter proved fruitful for great songwriting, and the legacy was born. Over the years, some dogs have come and gone from the pack, but the core alpha dogs have remained. With two released albums, and many performances under their collars, this current 4 piece band is quickly gaining momentum! Since trash cans cannot tip themselves over, these dogs continue to relish in a lifestyle that is conducive to exquisite song crafting. Expect more new music coming from these mongrels in the near future...



Our love for good music, along with real friendship, keeps us both interested and motivated. This band has never made fame a priority, and all members have other careers/priorities, relieving us from the pressure of required financial gains for success. We have always played for fun, and touring has never been pursued. That said, we always love playing out when possible, and welcome any opportunities presented to do so. As the years fly by, we've realized the importance of getting this music to the masses, and are taking a more progressive approach to booking shows instead of just focusing on the songs themselves. In a world of mass produced, rehashed, auto-tuned music, we feel obligated to counter it with genuine heart felt songwriting, warts and all.

Our Sound


The Stray Dog Band blends rock, blues, folk, funk, country and reggae thanks to each pack member's diverse list of influences. With an open approach to song writing, each member writes their own part for each song with little or no input from others, so long as it stays true to the core song format. With each member having their own unique influences, it allows new material consisting of multiple genres to organically form. While most of our catalog is original, easily recognizable cover songs were learned to diversify our setlists, and keep the crowds engaged. It would be fair to say we classify as Americana by definition, but with a selection of songs varying from slow to fast, ballad to funk, lounge to loud, it may be selling us a little short.

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Blast From The Past

A look back to 2014 when we jammed the Powhatan County Fair. All the stray dogs in a 30 mile radius were howling along!

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